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The age of Aquarius?


In 1967, new age band 5th dimension boldly sang "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius", in the very well known musical Hair. But was it really the dawning of a new age? People may or may not know about the concept of astrological "ages", which are considered to have a duration of approximately 2150 years. In contrast to the usual counter-clockwise progression of the zodiac signs, the astrological ages proceed in a "retrograde" motion, clockwise. This means the age of Aries is followed by the age of Pisces, which in turn continues into the age of Aquarius.

The idea that we (may) have recently crossed the border to the Aquarian age rests on philosophical as well as an astronomical grounds. The Piscean age is believed to have coincided with the birth of Christ and the origin of christianity, as Jesus and his apostles were known as the "fishers of men". The symbolism of sacrifice, compassion and humanism in christianity has an intimate connection to the sign of Pisces. In the same sense, the influence of technology, individualism and globalization that has dominated the latter part of the 20th century is highly representative of the Aquarius zodiac sign.

There is however a lack of agreement as to where the actual boundaries are located in a historical/scientific sense. In 1929, The International Astronomical Union calculated the Aquarian age to begin no earlier than the year of 2600. This idea has been challenged by astrologers due to the non-uniform size of the astrological constellations. Other thinkers have argued that the shift happened as early as mid-19th century.
(source: Wikipedia).

Nonetheless, the idea of astrological and astronomical ages is a fascinating one, allowing us to imagine an overarching theme for humanity and the development of different civilizations throughout the ages.

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