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Aquarius woman love profile

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What does the Aquarius woman desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Aquarius woman.

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Let's be frank here. In fact, that's exactly what the Aquarius woman would say. But anyway, let's be frank. If you are looking for a homely, clingy, traditionally mothering type of woman, you should probably look further. The Aquarius woman, if she's a prime example, rather spends her time backstage at the Woodstock festival (had it still been here), or in Africa fighting for children's right to education, or in a small art studio reaching for her inner goals, living the life of a bohemian.

She is a bit of an unconventional gal, not happy just being one in the crowd. Whether that amounts to actual eccentricity or just a daring sense of fashion is not to be known. An Aquarius woman in love is... confused. She is rarely sure about her emotional self and her innermost needs. She's detached and universal in her way of thinking, and in order to relate intimately to only a single person, she must psychologically rearrange herself to meet the new requirements. Especially, of course, if her lover tries to involve her in a smothering type of relationship. Giving herself completely to another can be hard for this girl, but she usually finds it a lot easier when she grows older.

Romantically, her sense of fun has few peers. Her boundaries are very elastic, and she will experiment to the best of it. Be warned though, she tends to treat her lovers as friends, and that not only goes for you, the object of her interest. Be prepared to share this woman with her former lovers. Relax, not in a physical sense. But her circle of friends is large and usually includes former boyfriends. She is very group-oriented, into collective ideas, movements and ideologies. In order to turn this woman on, you need to appeal to her intellect and to her curiosity for people and all kinds of phenomena. Don't be afraid to make the wrong turn in the suburbs...She's unlikely to be persuaded by gifts and material things. This woman has many layers, often confident on the outside, insecure beneath.

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