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Cancer man love profile

Harrison Ford
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What does the Cancer man desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Cancer male.

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What you need to know about the Cancer man is that he loves his mother. We all do, of course. But he worships her. Now, I am certainly not saying that a woman who wants to seduce a male Cancer should roleplay as his mother! The idealization of the Cancer boy's mother is all platonic, and in fact it tends to make him more respectful of women in general later in life. A Cancer man who experienced a bad relationship with his mother is perhaps on the other hand more prone than most to try to take advantage of women, or be domineering in relationships.

To satisfy the romantic and sexual needs of a Cancer bloke, one must understand the many layers of this man. This is the homely guy who still wants to be the hero, the guy who is traditional and wants to be the supporter of the family but still will want to spend a lot of time with his young children. He is a very sensitive man, a moody one, but he wants to be one of the boys. He wants people to think he is tough and detached. He is a good listener and enjoys an expressive woman who communicates her innermost wishes and feelings to him with flair. In the bedroom, he needs a woman who will let him be masculine and take initiative when he wants to. However, she needs to be very supportive and understanding when his moody, emotional sides kick in. Believe me, they will.

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