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Cancer woman love profile

Meryl Streep
What does the Cancer woman desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Cancer woman.

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Alright, stop showing off. Cut down on the macho. Take a step back and tune into your feelings. Go find your inner womanhood, mister. It ‘s in there somewhere and you know it. The Cancer woman is very sensitive, and she sees through appearances. In fact, this is where female intuition is at its strongest, and the Cancer woman you desire will not fall for your charades. She demands emotional authenticity.

That is not to say you shouldn’t be a man. You be that knight in shining armor. A Cancer woman is full of daydreams of past times. In fact she is probably a history buff. Those moonlit Cancer eyes of hers reflect an abundance of traditional romantic images. She dreams of spanish guitar balladry serenading her from below her window. She sees herself surrounded by loved ones in a quiet countryside cottage, where a sparkling little mountain stream fills the evening with serenity. This woman follows the currents of her inner river, ever changeable in mood and emotional state. Any potential suitor must learn to read her. It will pay off big time. There are few more loving, giving and devoted people than a Cancer woman in love.

A Cancer woman cannot help but to live in the past, vividly remembering feelings, thoughts and events as if they just happened. But she has great drive and purpose beneath that shy, reserved exterior, propelled by her strong emotions. If you love her, it must be forever, and if you hurt her it will most likely be forever too. When it comes to the physical side of things, a fair amount of the Cancer women out there may come across as a bit guarded, initially. They want to feel the physical-emotional vibrations align, and need more than most to attain a sense of relaxation and security before throwing out all inhibitions. When this is achieved, a Crab woman is deeply passionate and will let nothing stop her from satisfying her desires, and those of her lover.

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