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Capricorn woman love profile

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What does the Capricorn woman desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Capricorn woman.

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Have you ever heard the song "Behind closed doors", by Charlie Rich? No? Yes? Well, it is in your greatest interest to do so if you're ruminating about the possibilities of hooking up with a Capricorn girl. (Or a "Cappy gal", as we lovingly like to call them). And not only because that's a great song. Really, you don't have to worry about anything, everything you need to know is in that song. I'd be amazed if it wasn't written following an intimate moment between Charlie and his own trusty, straight-laced Capricorn girl: I'm assuming he must have had one!

The Capricorn woman is crafty. She's got the moves, even if she cannot dance. She can do everything and more. She'll readily let you know this. But when it comes to romance and sex...she's a bit of an ice cube. "What do you mean, mister astrologer?" Well, she can be cool as ice, she can refresh many a party cocktail, she can seem transparent... but it's all an act. She'll melt. When it comes to old-fashioned romance, sentimental memories and just plain love devotion, she's a proper softie. You can break down her granite walls in an instant by mentioning how wonderful she looks wearing her deceased mother's bracelet, and she'll be sobbing at your shoulder over how sweet you are. But only ever in private! Remember that.

This woman is as stubborn as they come, and you'll never convince her of anything whatsoever. Should she say you have, she's lying. A Capricorn woman likes tradition, appropriate behavior and following the rules, but she is smart enough to realize such things are the products of social convention, and that she herself is a prime product of this. She knows when to let her guard down and let the primal instincts flow. What, you want it spelled out? Alright, she's a wildcat in bed. There you go. Happy? She has the healthy, erm, appetite, of a mountain goat running along the ridges in sunny springtime. She just needs confirmation and reinforcement. Don't ever be fooled into thinking she's got half the self-confidence she projects. Ever.

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