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Gemini man love profile

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What does the Gemini man desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Gemini man.

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The gemini man is none other than Peter Pan. He is in constant search for the holy grail of youth, and his worst enemy is time. Few are the geminis who even at the winter of their years will admit the big defeat - realizing they've grown old (or at least are getting there). The gemini man wants to be recognized for his verbal virtuosity, agility and youth of mind. Not surprisingly this is also the path into the bedroom with this man. If you display qualities like these yourself, it will rub off on the gemini man and turn him on.

If you're after a gemini dude, you need to know one thing most of all. Sex, while usually of great interest to him, isn't primarily a physical thing of smoldering passion for the gemini man. He lives off-a ideas and mental stimulation, and this is basically what sex and romance amounts to. To an extent this is true for all people; sexuality is certainly as much a psychological phenomenon as it is an instinctual / physical one. The gemini man, however, takes this to extremes. Stimulate his imagination, roleplay, talk dirty. The sudden lapses of a mobile mind is what the gemini man is all about, and usually also what attracts him in a partner.

Gemini can be a hopeless romantic who falls in and out of love very quickly. His humor, intelligence, easygoing nature and talent for communication makes him attractive to females who like a more responsive type of man. However, trying to pin him down can be a nightmare, and usually ends in gemini detaching himself. The gemini man undergo constant inner change, and he has all the staying power of a neurotic butterfly. Many are the confused lovers who wake up after a romantic night with an enthusiastic gemini just to find their new friend distant and uninterested. What they have witnessed is usually the effect of rationality and cold logic returning to the hyperactive gemini mind.

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