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Leo man love profile

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What does the Leo man desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Leo man.

What is the romantic and sexual aim of the Leo man? It may sound harsh, but it is basically to be rewarded through as little effort as possible. Now, every person is like this to an extent; being economical with personal resources can be a means to survival. But lets face it - the Leo man is lazy, and he loves to be appreciated and adored more than anything. You think there's something here that seems to not quite compute? Well, if it doesn't take too much effort, the male Leo can be a very generous lover, with a natural talent for pleasing the partner, no matter what kind of person they are. He is a romantic and idealist at heart - while he may come across as "one of the boys" (and most likely is) he is easily touched and will court in a traditional, chivalrous way.

But he wants something in return. He wants attention and respect, and an audience to shine his gusto and self-satisfaction upon. Someone who wants to get with a Leo man must remember that he has a very sensitive ego. He radiates confidence, but for this confidence to remain unshaken, the Leo man needs constant reinforcement. Be appreciative even if not completely honest. The Leo man is too susceptible to compliments to even care. If you are deemed worthy of all his attention, you might feel quite special and chosen!

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