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Your needy Moon sign

The most demanding mother, wife, husband, boyfriend, friend and sibling of them all.

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I don't like nagging. Well, at least no more than other astrology buffs and astrologers do. But if there is one thing we need to promote to the general public, I believe, it is to stop obsessing about Sun signs. We need to downplay the importance of the Sun for a while, and let the moon take center stage. She has way too long been subdued, neglected and set aside by all the attention directed at her shinier brother.

You need to be aware that neglecting your moon will do you no good at all. She will take revenge, she will haunt you in the darkest hours, reminding you of sad times, failures, shortcomings and insecurities. She will rise to every occasion in trying to plant doubt within your poor soul. But she doesn't do this from spite. Your moon sign is concerned about you, most of all when she feels you're denying and repressing your needs and desires.

Did you ever see the classic movie Citizen Kane? Look at it this way: Your moon is sort of like the young boy Kane and his precious "Rosebud". Watching himself as the adult Kane and wondering, what happened to all that meant something? Isn't it all fake? Am I only playing a part, the part of the grown-up trying to fit into society? Who am I behind all of this pomp and grandeur? What do I want, what are my vulnerabilities? The moon sign interrogates the sun sign, saying: what's the point of your particular kind of self-expression? Who are you trying to fool? I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, and this isn't it. Except for the times when it actually is, of course!

What am I saying here? Well, I'm saying forget about your zodiac sign (Sun sign) for a while. Even better: let your Sun sign and Moon sign change places. Read up on your Moon sign as if it was your Sun sign. Play the part of the moon, check out its position and aspects in your horoscope, make it the very center-point of the chart. The headquarters, the heart and soul. If you let the moon become primary and the sun secondary for a while, I am convinced you will gain new and important insights about your true self that can be both beneficial and frightening.

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