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Pisces woman love profile

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What does the Pisces woman desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Pisces woman.

Can you hear that fog-horn way over yonder? Telling its own elusive story wrapped in mystery and fantasy, encouraging dreaming across all boundaries? You will know it, for the Pisces woman have heard it so many times. Although most likely she doesn't know what it really is or where the sound comes from. This woman harkens to vibrations that few are aware of, and her problem in relationships is the difficulty in communicating her vague notions, dreams and desires to her partner. She is a softie and romantic in the most obvious sense, ready to cry to any sob story or Disney movie, you name it. Whatever facade she puts up - her heart is always on the verge of melting and her kindness and empathy is profound.

So what does this mean for a man or woman who happens to stumble upon a Pisces woman in the search for their ideal lover or partner? Well, the woman of the water can be exactly everything you wanted out of a girl, sexy, seductive, warm, kind, mysterious and very insightful. But she doesn't adhere to logic. At all. She is a person of instinct and intuition, and no matter how perfect your reasoning is, it just won't do for her. She can vacillate and be indecisive, but in the end nothing but the distant undercurrents of her own heart and psyche will determine where she ends up. This is not to say the Pisces woman doesn't appreciate a man who can guide her and provide stability and reliability. She is often in desperate need for it. But once you let the magic of romance and seduction become perfunctory and stale, she might leave to never return.

The Pisces woman is usually very endearing and attractive to the opposite sex. if you want to keep her interested, give her space, but make a real effort to understand her inner self. Make her feel needed and let her know you appreciate her listening to you and soothing you, both of which she does very well.

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