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Sagittarius woman love profile

Tyra Banks
Creative commons image license
What does the Sagittarius woman desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Sagittarius woman.

Don't play the neg game with a Sagittarius woman. The neg game? What do you mean, mister? Well, some of the more shady members of the Adam gender have been taught by equally shady books that a neat trick for picking up girls is behaving very nonchalant. Even straight-out insulting them to try to undermine their confidence. Don't even try this technique on a good-natured, confident Sagittarius woman. She'll probably detest you instead, and she's definitely of the type that demands total honesty and no BS.

If you're looking to catch the interest of a Sagittarius girl, you'll have to stimulate her imagination, and most of all her sense of adventure. The Sag woman needs to feel that there's boundlessness around her, whether in a physical or mental sense. She gets off on spontaneity, colorful expressions and general fun. She's not the subtlest of people, but she's quite likely to have a very fine mind that sees connections between remote concepts and like to think in broad terms. Her natural, healthy appetite for sex will be substantial, but she's not likely to be the kind who reaches for the darkest corners of human sexuality in her quest for satisfaction.

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