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Scorpio man love profile

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What does the Scorpio man desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Scorpio man.

You're fascinated by this brooding, inscrutable man they call Scorpio. What are you to do about it? He exudes sexuality doesn't he? He seems emotional and introverted? He's all of these things. But any sane astrology writer must do the obvious and begin with a warning. Every scorpio, whether male or female, whether sun sign scorpio or moon sign scorpio, whether young or old, irrespective of nationality: one thing will unite them, and that is the sense of danger. It's not so much danger of actual physical harm (but could possibly be) as just a very intense personal turmoil, an emotional maelstrom. And this maelstrom of inner depth will be yours to behold and consider.

Don't make too many jokes at the Scorpio man's expense. You see, he's a bit unpredictable when it comes to these things. On the one hand you may get lucky, and he finds your joking about him to be the funniest thing since Seinfeld. On the other, you may get unlucky, and he'll either leave and not talk to you for a month, or, well, never again.

In any case this man needs three things: Sex, loyalty and a deep love devotion. That's about it. He is a very complex man, but his needs aren't that complicated. He needs a challenge, sexually and romantically, at the outset. Don't be afraid to play aloof or hard to get. But once it is you and him, it is you and him. Don't even think about stepping out (he might know just by looking at you) don't even suggest something like a swingers, or you wont be getting any for weeks. Unless of course you two go a long way back and are comfortable enough to try out something new and different. If you let this man under your skin, he will change you. He will challenge you emotionally. He'll slowly reveal his profound sensitivity and power of feeling. Go there if you dare.

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