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Taurus woman love profile

Uma Thurman
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What does the Taurus woman desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Taurus woman.

Some people may see the taurus woman as a bit of a bore. If they do, they are of the kind who make superficial and hasty judgements about everything around them. Everything is not fireworks and neon signs. The taurus woman likes to keep things within limits. She's not the most adventurous type, nor the most unpredictable. But the lucky soul who gets to know her and earns her trust will find out that she's quite likely the most sensual and erotic of all zodiac companions. This woman lives for the sensation of touch, the pleasure of good food and wine, the special atmosphere in her favourite couch, or the harmony out in the garden, fingers deep in soil. While it may seem like a cliché, this woman's body really is her temple.

If you want to get into her heart and body, and you probably do because of her classic beauty and earthy charm, take it a step at a time. Don't be shy with pretty gifts, clothing perhaps, sensous candles and good wine. Be an old-time gentleman, shower her with attention but make sure she feels needed. This is not a particularly fragile little rose - the taurus woman is determined and steadfast, and she does know what she wants.

While a taurus woman can seem straightforward and in a way quite simple or unassuming, she has a rich inner self, and will have her moments of pondering, brooding and even melancholy. Her usually joyous, earthy being has a deeper and darker side too. In company she is the quiet charmer, who wins people over with her soft smile and reliable, trusty ways. Don't rush things in bed with a taurus woman! It's usually a big turnoff to her, because she knows she deserves all the time and attention you can give her, and will reward you accordingly.

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