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The 2012 mid-march Venus Jupiter conjunction

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Right now in the midst of march there's constellation magic to be seen all over the northern hemisphere. Venus and Jupiter are aligning in a display of light and beauty that easily surpass the brightest stars. According to classical astrology, it is the two most fortunate planets that join forces; hence, any baby would be lucky to be born right now! The astrological theme of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, much like visual scene of the lights on the night sky right now, is one of beauty, goodness and good fortune. The influence of the conjunction in a person's horoscope is positive, generous and perhaps a little gullible. Natives with such a conjunction will always try to see the best in people, radiating optimism, hope and love for every living thing. It is truly one of the most blessed aspects to grace a horoscope, bringing creativity and expansion of the senses in a very real way. This is when food tastes better, the touch of a loved one feels more intense, and the mind is enhanced with intuition and a sense of pleasure.

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