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Virgo man love profile

Hugh Grant
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What does the Virgo man desire in love? Romantic and sexual love profile of the Virgo male.

You're interested in a Virgo man? Oh you've already fallen for him you say? Alright. Take a step back and relax. Don't rush it. You don't want to shower this guy with all your attention and affection at once. The Virgo man is careful and thoughtful. He weighs his words and actions and doesn't rush headless into things. Except sometimes. But never mind that. Before the Virgo man throws himself into passionate affairs he needs some reassurance, he wants to test the waters.

The sign of Virgo has a reputation of being a bit prude or frigid, but I wouldn't put much weight to that rumour if I were you. The Virgo man has all the right prerequisites for becoming a responsive, giving lover with a lot of slow burning passion. His problem is that he tends to over-analyze. I guess he's just desperate to puzzle together all events and relationships as neat constituents of the rational, well-organized mindwork. You need to become an accepted part of his day-to-day routine. I'm aware this doesn't sound very romantic, but it is to him. He's quite the modest bloke.

The Virgo guy is probably rather traditional in his ways, but don't be surprised if you discover a tiny bohemian or artist inside of him. This is what makes the Virgo a bit of a paradox - in the middle of all that order and soundness there might be a little guy rebelling against himself, messing things up and being a bit unpredictable. Fascinating, isn't it? But don't get too clingy or emotional with your Virgo boy - he can't handle that kind of commotion in the long run and you'll just scare him off. And excessive drama is a no-no.

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