The decans in astrology

Aquarius decans

The first, Uranus/Saturn decan of Aquarius The first decan of Aquarius is one of complexity and individualism. These people are free-thinkers and non-conformists, with a high moral consciousness and the desire to benefit the community in some way. In spite of being highly socialized and group-oriented, they can long for solitude, and be sombre in mood and easily depressed while displaying a joyful exterior. You'll almost never find one of these people stupid or mentally simple - even with very limited education they manage to seem insightful, impartial and reasonable. They can be calculating and cold and aren't ideally suited for deep emotional commitment. Money and status are seldom a goal in itself. They want meaningfulness.

The second, Mercury/Gemini decan of Aquarius The second, Gemini/Mercury decan of Aquarius the nature is a bit lighter in spirit but also lacks staying power. Extremely alert and bright, they can be cultural, artistic or scientific chameleons, soaking up and interpreting ideas and manners of others with ease. Abstract theory appeals to them, and they're fascinated by the invisible powers behind social interaction and communication. Some people may find them insensitive or too mentally oriented, since they may be at loss relating in others ways than the purely intellectual. If not academically schooled, they are probably at least fascinated in technology or mechanics. They're probably good at strategic board games, such as chess, combining imagination and logical reasoning.

The third, Venus/Libra decan of Aquarius Libra decan Water-bearers are refined characters. While they may lack depth of emotion, they are extremely good with people. Appealing to crowds, they make fine statesmen/women and politicians. They care about other people's insides and are highly idealistic and humanitarian, constantly involved in some cause for the bettering of whatever they believe in. These people can exhibit much grace and style, and are well-suited for the world of fashion. However, they can be mentally narcissistic and perhaps a bit depraved, and easily lose balance over lack of stimulation. They aren't the most grounded of people. Highly creative and usually with an artistic bent - we see many poets and writers under this decan, since creative imagination is abundant.

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