The decans in astrology

Aries decans

The first, Mars decan of Aries The first decan of Aries influenced by Mars is the pioneering and energetic decan above all. Very often these people are characterized by a childlike innocence which is quite endearing, and they have a real ability to excite people around them. They want to live in the fullest sense of the word, be it in danger and adventure or through some more introspective exploration. Always with great enthusiasm. They can be very egoistic and self-serving, but seldom mean any harm. Their ideals couldn’t be any higher, yet they’re usually quite easy to please and do not demand much out of life except passion and authenticity. They have no patience, however, and must do things immediately and fast. Endurance is not their strongest trait, but what they lack in staying power they make up for in initiative and exuberance.

The second, Leo/Sun decan of Aries The second, Leo decan of Aries with rays from the Sun pictures a very noble individual whose principles, aims and ambitions remain intact in the most trying circumstances. They are single mindedly focused, yet can retain the big picture. Ego can be a problem here, and the general self-righteousness of Aries has acquired a dash of pompousness too. While these are not always apparent traits, there is somewhere quite a reservoir of smugness and self-celebration. These people are generous and great at inspiring others in what they believe in. Their mentality is eager and forceful, yet more patient than the typical Arian. Thoughts carry more weight, and actions more flair and drama than is usual, but they also hurt easily and have a very sensitive spirit, for in spite of their confidence, well-being and self-respect depends much on the approval of others.

The third, Jupiter/Sagittarius decan of Aries The third, Sagittarius decan of Aries with rays from Jupiter is a bold and brash one, that is more restless and eager to finish than even the first decan. Here we have the intellectual enthusiast, and individualism is very strong – this person will do much to avoid becoming a victim of herd mentality. They are very independent and will never succumb completely to the demands of the lover or companion. Sometimes naive to the point of pure childishness, suddenly they can seem like the wisest person in town. They’re usually very altruistic and generous but can also become one of the moral preachers who believe they know better than others what they need and want. Third decan Arians are likely to move around a lot, and probably travel much.

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