The Ascendant: How you approach the world. Part two: Libra to Pisces

In order to know your Ascendant sign, you need to know your time of birth, as exact as possible. Then, with the information at hand, I recommend using this free service to find out your Ascendant along with your full birth horoscope.

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Part two: Libra -> Pisces

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If your Ascendant is:

Libra, you approach the world eager to tune into the mindset of other people and create harmony around you. You have learned how to win people over with charm and civility, but there will often be times when you are torn between selfish needs and the desire to please partners and friends. You have the ability to consider and understand the opposing side of any conflict. The social skills and ease of cooperation that you're endowed with is a blessing, but also a curse. You sometimes feel as if your behaviour is too conditioned by the expected response of others, and indecisiveness can be a real problem. Nonetheless, you easily attract "friends in high places" and social success usually comes naturally to you.

Scorpio, you approach the world with emotional intensity and thoroughness. You come across as rather mysterious, as if you're holding something back, which can be quite magnetic to others. You have a tendency to go about things in an all or nothing sense, with strong likes and dislikes. A Scorpio Ascendant is noticed, whether in a positive or negative sense. You dismiss superficiality and nonsense and go about your business with inner conviction, demanding loyalty and devotion from the people that are close to you. It's possible that you come across as a "highly-sexed" individual, but whether desires are as strong as they seem on the surface depends on other horoscope factors.

Sagittarius, you approach the world with the the gaze of an adventurer. Your open, jovial self-presentation easily attracts new friends and allies. The way you handle things is very direct, and people might call you blunt, lacking discrimination and tact. However, even if you happen to step on some toes along the way, your goodness shines through. Some Sagittarius Ascendants are a bit preachy and dogmatic, since this position usually confers strong values and intellectual beliefs. There is a lightness of being over you, something that could be seen as a combination of youth and timeless wisdom. Your larger-than-life disposition is brought from the rays of Jupiter, the planet of fortune. You are a risk-taker, perhaps even a gambler, and your stakes can be high indeed.

Capricorn, you approach the world with dignity, carrying the burden of responsibility upon your shoulders. You're somewhat reserved, but always polite. Whether or not it is your intention, you always come across as professional and reasonable. As a young person, you gave the impression of being older and more mature than your peers, which may have been both a blessing and a curse. You often wish you could soften up and let your emotions flow effortlessly, but the thought of it makes you feel embarrassed. You cannot stand the idea of public shame, unless it's planned and intentional! Nonetheless, you are very capable and trustworthy, and your dry sense of humor is an asset. People rely on the strength of character and poise that you project.

Aquarius, you approach the world unconventionally, with an impartial mind. You're searching for a sense of belonging that goes beyond your own little self and its needs. There is a desire to connect to an ideal, a group or society of some kind, where you can grow together with the shared collective beliefs and principles. You can't help being in love with mankind and its ideas, and will often spend more energy forming relations to a large number of people than to deepen the bonds with those who are closest. Friendliness and a wide-ranging curiosity are typical trademarks for Aquarius rising. While some people may consider it hard to know the real you, you know no strangers, and will often give more than you get in return.

Pisces, you approach the world like a prism, soaking up and assembling the colors and feelings around you and transmitting it all through creativity, caring and reflection. Both transparent and mysterious, you seem to be at one with the world, yet also give the impression of being lost and confused. You will identify with the whole spectrum of human emotion, and protect the underdog at every chance. There is a soothing quality about you, and a wisdom that is beyond this world. While you can bear much suffering through your adaptability and inner conviction, you often need a reality check, and will want to consciously work to create some protective borders between yourself and your surroundings.

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