The Ascendant: How you approach the world.

In order to know your Ascendant sign, you need to know your time of birth, as exact as possible. Then, with the information at hand, I recommend using this free service to find out your Ascendant along with your full birth horoscope.

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If your Ascendant is:

Aries, you approach the world with great eagerness, honesty and motivation. Your childlike enthusiasm is very contagious. You are great at initiating projects, plans and adventures, but less good at finishing them. Life becomes to you a series of challenges to overcome and aspirations to reach. Even if your inner self is laid-back and calm, you will give the impression of someone rather aggressive and opinionated, yet well meaning. Your lust for life is strong, as is the desire to be number one. You are naive and idealistic, and will generally assume the people you meet are much like yourself, until reality proves you wrong.

Taurus, you approach the world with caution and slow, steady determination. Your instinctive urge is to experience things in your proximity to their fullest, and to patiently satisfy your desires one after another. You come across as a sensualist, with deeply ingrained values and a set attitude of how things ought to be. People will see you as a generally peaceful and pleasant person, tending, however, to stubbornness and rigidity of mind. Your appetite is strong for most everything, but you dislike to embark on uncharted territory without significant thought and preparation.

Gemini, you approach the world as if you were a swallow sailing on top of the winds, hardly ever at rest. You gather a multitude of impressions, while committing to as little as possible, keeping your response mainly unemotional. You develop your persona through constant communication with others, and you present yourself as an outgoing, witty chameleon, ever-changing and young at heart. Your dualistic personality sometimes makes you come across as unreliable and/or shallow, but you are always fascinating company. Your substantial curiosity may invite problems, and make less open people suspicious.

Cancer, you approach the world emotionally and genuinely. You come across as gentle and retiring, perhaps even shy, but behind this lies a strong will and a quiet ambition. Your instinctive urge is to create a strong sense of belonging, whether through family or by other means. When you have established a sense of security, you can be demanding and rather dominant. Your responses are governed by your emotions above all, and even if you’re not a highly emotional person at core, you appear more vulnerable and sensitive than most, when you allow yourself to step outside of that hard shell.

Leo, you approach the world magnanimously and proudly, exuding warmth and confidence. Even if your core character is reserved and modest, you have learned, or will come to learn to reach out and expose yourself, and to utilize whatever creative talent you possess. Some will perceive you as arrogant and self-centered. While you do focus much on yourself, you also give generously and indiscriminately, including most everyone in your joyful celebration of life. Your vulnerable ego is probably your biggest flaw, and you should restrict your sometimes unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

Virgo, you approach the world from a critical and analytical standpoint. You have a sceptical mind and dislike generalizations. Your self-expression is tempered by modesty and you typically dislike the spotlight. Though you are aware of your worth, you have no great desire for recognition and admiration. You do however require a fair appreciation of your efforts, which verge towards problem-solving and organization. You are not one to express yourself overly emotionally (without good reason). At times you come across as bureaucratic and small-minded, but you are understanding and sympathetic to the plights and problems of other people.

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