The astrological houses: part two

7th house

A wedding
The seventh house represents the first true socialization of the individual. The first deep awareness of another human being, and of romantic partners in particular. This house will become one of the most challenging for the ego, because here it must for the first time really consider the reality of Another as something important enough to rival the self. It was known as the house of marriage, and the state of this house was supposed to tell us about the traits of present, future or past marriage partner(s). Philosophically, the seventh house concerns anything that could be taken as a polar opposite to the self. Sometimes this opposite is something within the individual herself.

A crowded seventh house is usually a sign of a rich life in terms of partnership. Such a person is more motivated than most by the desire to form close, intimate, personal relationships of any sort, and more than others tend to define themselves in terms of the response they get from these interactions. These people can have quite a confrontational personality, since they struggle with an inner duality where the need for compromise fights independence and egotism.

8th house

The reaper
The eighth house has had to carry a heavy load: it is known among other things as the house of death. As grave as this may seem, death is an inevitable part of all life and has to somehow be represented in a horoscope that depicts the human, if only symbolically. The eighth house is a house of forbidden and hidden things, in this respect similar to the twelfth. Apart from death, it concerns sexuality; sexuality in its animal lust-sense rather than as a playful activity or expression of romance. Traditionally it was also connected to the "resources of other people" in the sense of heritage, banking, stocks and the like.

The eighth house is deep and serious. Having a crowded eighth is a sign of profound and alluring personality that defies definition. These people will direct their energy into spheres of life where their sixth sense and emotionality can come into play in the most productive way. They refuse to waste energy on insignificant or irrelevant things and crave to get to the core of any matter. An eighth house individual is the archetypical detective, surgeon or occultist, thriving in mystery and problem solving.

9th house

bible reading
The ninth house is a house of academia, religion, belief and exotism. It tells us to expand whatever horizon has caught our interest, to broaden and invigorate our mind with new, lasting impressions. Unlike its brother, the third house, the ninth is not so caught up in the filtering and handling of everyday experience. It strives rather to speculate and gain wisdom by deepening the intellectual understanding. The cerebral nature of the ninth associates it with higher education as well as spiritual learning, and it is known as the house of travel and foreign culture. It is a happy house, imbued with the enthusiasm of discovery and new perspective.

A crowded ninth house is usually a sign of restlessness and speculative, philosophical gifts. Many with heavy ninths are drawn to religion, and it is not uncommon to have a streak of strong, even dogmatic convictions which creates an interesting paradox with the open, profoundly curious seeker that is also the sign of these people. Ninth house people will desperately seek unity and meaning in all their experience, and tries to contextualize and broaden their insights into progressive and high-minded ideas. They need freedom, and are inherently adventurous. Independence is valued higher than loyalty, unless it is loyalty to one of those ideals the ninth house person is so enthralled by.

10th house

Penguin in suit
The tenth house, the house of the father, of authority, tells us about our professional and public persona. It denotes career inclinations and what occupational themes motivate us. In a deeper sense, it is about public image, as opposed to the personal projection of image that is associated with the first house. The energy of individual planets placed in this house will inform us on what direction the professional life of the individual is likely to take. It also represents personal ideals and aspirations, what we would like ourselves to be, what we strive for, idolize.

A strong tenth house is almost without exception a sign of high professional ambition, but it can encapsulate many things. Such as the outward projection of demands and expectations from the home environment: many people with strong tenth houses are unaware of how much of their hard work is done for their own sake, as opposed to the will to conform to the expectations of their surroundings. Status is typically important. They are good strategists, with great organizational skills and will often rise high due to their innate sense of responsibility and progress. Tenth house people need to be aware that their impersonality can be off-putting to some people, and sometimes need to confront a deep-seated lack of confidence or sense of self-worth.

11th house

The eleventh house is known as the house of friends and associates. It is the most collective of the 12 houses, wherein the person finds meaning in something beyond themselves that is defined in terms of groups, societies, organizations, but also causes and ideals. It is about creating meaning through relationships, but unlike the seventh house, the relations of the eleventh house are of a grander scale and typically much more detached. What are friends? Are they people similar to ourselves, substantiating our own personality with their approving? Or are they first and foremost different individuals, there to challenge and enrich us through the mere fact of them being different human beings?

A crowded eleventh house can denote a tendency to be strongly receptive to groups and/or collective ideas, but can just as well (or simultaneously) signify someone who is influential in this respect and wishes to impress their own personality or their own ideas upon the group. It is not uncommon that a strong eleventh house results in political aspirations, such as working for a cause or party, and of wanting to promote the welfare of certain movements or peoples. These people are limitless in the sense that they stretch out beyond themselves, seeking shared experience, looking to include society or the entirety of humankind in their thinking. They can be unselfish, but also difficult in personal relationships.

12th house

Abstract painting
The twelfth house was in the olden days considered to be the house of obligation, illness, mystery and hidden enemies. There is some truth to this idea: the twelfth house is the last of the houses and symbolizes what lies furthest back in the mind, eluding the primary focus of our consciousness. Imagine an individual's face placed in its own circle of houses - it will sit at the cusp of the ascendant and gaze out over the first house, the most self- aware, conscious one. But what hovers, in stealth, right behind the head? The infamous twelfth house in all its mystery and elusiveness.

Individuals with a crowded twelfth house will typically appear slightly peculiar and mysterious even to people who know them well. Most of them dislike the spotlight, being at the center of attention, and will prefer working quietly, often on their own towards remote, disclosed ends that they too sometimes are unaware of. They are fascinated by institutions such as prisons, hospitals and laboratories. These people constantly have a feeling as if they are being governed by forces outside of themselves - as if fate has a much stronger saying with them than with others, and they can sometimes by easily led and doped, or alternatively be the treacherous ones themselves.

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