The decans in astrology

Capricorn decans

The first, Saturn decan of Capricorn The patience and determination of first decan Capricorns is legendary. They aren’t nearly as self-confident as people think, but their sheer hardiness and capacity in all endeavours is unmatched. They are the real pillars of strength to lean against when the winds become storms. While sometimes dictatorial and always to some degree inflexible and rigid, they are sweet at the core with a great sense of humour. They’re practical and realistic, with little time for whims and fantasy. Some call them materialistic, and many also seek power and influence. The main concern of first decan Capricorns is however to make things work effectively for themselves and others and to realize their goals.

The second, Venus/Taurus decan of Capricorn The second, Taurus decan of Capricorn is very patient and hard-working, but will not forsake relaxation and the finer things in life for accomplishment. They may be artistic, and if they feel they have the talent, will go about exploring it in a quiet, whole-hearted way that compensates for their slow intake of new experiences. These people feel that if something is to be done, it must always be done properly and to the bitter end. They can be melancholic and pessimistic, but usually with a sense of humour. Sometimes they have a tendency to linger too long, or act as martyrs for something in their typical stoic, uncompromising way.

The third, Virgo/Mercury decan of Capricorn Being born under the Virgo decan of Capricorn is a mark of a certain restlessness and a great desire for functionality and effectivity. While far from impulsive daredevils, they lack the significant patience of the first two Capricorn decans. Administrative ability is at it’s highest here, and they have a great practical intelligence and shrewd organizational skills. However they may be more inclined to see work and accomplishment more impersonally, wanting results more than recognition. They are loyal and faithful in their relations, but not to the detriment of realism and a sober attitude. These people are usually not interested in abstractions, fantasy and ideals, for they feel the need to care for the more immediate tasks at hand.

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