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Celebrity horoscope for today is Diane Keaton. Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius.

Diane Keaton
Winter in the northern hemisphere is ever sloping forwards, and on the celestial scene, the Moon has just left Aquarius. Which means it has skipped a sign ahead of its "animus" counterpart, the Sun, remaining in the midwinter sign of Capricorn. Diane Keaton, who burst on the scene first and foremost as the female lead in several of Woody Allen's seventies movies (and onwards), is a good example of this Sun-Moon combination and our celebrity horoscope of today.

While Diane Keaton did her best to transcend the rather parodical "Annie Hall" persona that she acquired while working with Woody Allen, most people will still associate her with this quirky, fascinating character. Annie Hall was loosely based on Keaton herself and is a bit of a misfit, wearing masculine-looking clothes, going back and forth between excessive neuroticism and sudden bursts of clear insight. The sense of hard-headed woman hiding a slightly awkward, although well-meaning daydreamer inside defines the Capricorn-Aquarius character quite well. This alchemy of personality traits will be very socially aware and friendly, yet also very stubborn, unwilling to abandon their particular ways. They're often very generous, and very eager to help and assist almost anybody. You will notice an expansive outreaching of the personality onto the world - but at the same time they will detach themselves, always careful not to appear too vulnerable and reveal their innermost feelings. They dislike sappy, emotional scenes, at least if it involves themselves! Capricorn-Aquarians have very private hearts, in spite of being one of the most group-oriented combinations in the zodiac.

Keaton's inherently good sense of business, through the opportunistic and shrewd Capricorn-Aquarius energies in her horoscope, is also apparent in her branching into real estate, redesigning and renovating estates for reselling. The wide-ranging creative/intellectual interests of Aquarius is seen in her desire to become a photographer as well as a singer, in addition to her main occupation. The interest in photography has led her to collect vast amounts of material as well as publishing collections of her own work. Where for some people such hobbies and interests may be of passing nature, the Sun in Capricorn here ensures the patience and focus to make every talent manifest. Diane has had a lifelong interest in religion, verging on the border between atheism and faith. This fascination with finding out what lies behind the mystery and what makes people believe, while remaining mostly uninvolved, is again a result of this rather brooding Sun-Moon combination. It's the sign of Capricorn, traditional and attracted to ritual, intermingling with the ever-curious Aquarius, whose interest in large group movements and collective thought can border on obsession.

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