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Celebrity horoscope for today is Eva Cassidy. Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini.

Eva Cassidy
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Three zodiac degrees into Aquarius, the Sun finds a windy cohort looking over into the fellow air sign Gemini, where the Moon is presently showing off its waxing lunar phase. Who could better represent this Sun-Moon combination than the songbird with the effortlessly light and airy voice, reminding us that there are few things in the world more sad than young talent gone too soon: Eva Cassidy.

I remember hearing a live recording of Eva Cassidy's, with her talking softly to the audience and greeting her father who was among the listeners. The incredibly melodious voice was apparent also when she was speaking, and her tone radiated pure kindness and humility. Cassidy's celebrated, unusual version of the 1939 masterpiece song by Harold Arlen (a fellow Aquarian) "Over the rainbow", might be the best example of the Aquarius-Gemini influence from her horoscope. The expansive, experimental Aquarius underpinned by the youthful, ever-changing Gemini sets the stage for a Peter Pan-like sound texture that invigorates all senses.

The air signs are known for giving the impression of a certain "lightness of being", and being double air (Sun and Moon), Eva was no doubt a good example of this. She was a born interpreter of popular music, refusing to narrow down her style and instead encompassing most genres in her repertoire. The creative strength of the air signs so often lies in their ability to mimic and and recreate the already existing soulful matter, while adding their own unique touch. They are breadth and a multitude of impressions more than depth. With her Aquarius Sun and Gemini Moon, Eva could sink her hand into the vast ocean that is the history of song and pick out anything to make it her own. Showing her gifts as a communicator of the timeless, collectively shared emotions and ideas.

Even after the melanoma Cassidy had been diagnosed with returned, and it was revealed it has spread inside her body, she did not lose spirit. Barely two months before her death, knowing that the end was very near, she made her last public appearance, singing the Louis Armstrong-popularized classic "What a wonderful world" to a small audience. The chords hover in the air and seem intent on reversing the passing of time. The song reaches the part of the bridge that begins "I see friends shaking hands" - in my opinion one of the most beautiful musical passages in popular music. And you can just feel how the hands of time come to a complete halt for a couple of seconds.

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