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Celebrity horoscope of the day is Jude Law. Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Libra.

Jude Law
Early January of 2013 brings us Sun in the midwinter sign of Capricorn and Moon in charming Libra. Few represent this elegant Sun-Moon combination better than british actor Jude Law, our celebrity horoscope example of the day.

I've always been convinced that movie actors are unconsciously chosen for different roles based on core personality traits, not least of the kind that are revealed by their natal charts. Acting is not so much playing a part that is foreign to one's temperament and character, as it is crystallizing and enhancing already inherent features. Obviously, I am not saying that casting directors are astrologers - choosing someone for a part is simply about observing and intuitively sensing the very qualities that the horoscope claims to unmask.

If you watch Jude Law in action, you cannot escape his suave, urbane charm. Jude combines the classic Capricornian gentleman of the pictures (think Cary Grant) with a seductive sensuality that is undeniably Libran in nature. His orderly exterior and smart style of clothing, as well as that angular Capricorn bone structure, has made him an ideal cover face. Law has become known as quite the womanizer; an understandable effect of the goal-oriented Capricorn trying to satisfy the romantic desires of that inner Libran moon.

The conflict between the disciplined Capricorn and the mellow, outreaching Libra in Jude's horoscope creates an interesting and somewhat eccentric personality. He is very friendly but also very detached, and tends to apply cold logic even to intimate relationships. Something on bountiful display in his modern casting as "Alfie" in the movie with the same name. There are few Sun-Moon combos that are more polite than this one, and the interplay between the business-like professional exterior and the longing, sensual heart and body has been explored in several of Jude Law's other movies as well. Jude has been engaged in foreign peace activities, which is not surprising considering the socially conscious and humanitarian combination of Libra and Capricorn.

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