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Celebrity horoscope for today: Lana del Rey. Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius.

Lana del Rey
Right now, the astrological Sun moves onwards through the first decan of Gemini, while its fast-moving partner, the moon, has entered the opposing sign of Sagittarius. It's time for another celebrity horoscope example, and this time, one of rather new shooting stars of music is in the spotlight: Lana del Rey. Lana is a good example of the airy idealism of this Sun-Moon combination.

Being a huge lover of that "old-time" feeling in music, I was blown away the first time I heard Lana del Rey's sensual voice set against a fabulous, jazzy pop-song. It's a rather odd voice, admittedly, but very hypnotic in its vintage tone. Lana's voice makes us think of something far away in time and space, in a way that is simultaneously emotional and disinterested. That alternating between intimacy and detached nonchalance is something that any Gemini-Sagittarius person will experience throughout their lives. Perhaps will the people around them sense this to an even greater degree, because Gemini-Sagittarians are sometimes quite unaware of the image they project.

The themes that surround Lana's music and performances is often that of an older, romanticized America, sometimes with a hint of darkness and danger. There is always that sense of degenerate elegance, which is fitting for the Gemini-Sagittarius combination. The personality of someone with this combination is the most restless and individualistic of them all, always longing for something around the corner, never quite content and happy with how things are. They are very eager to learn new things, highly communicative and outspoken. Interestingly, Lana gives a rather shy and modest impression, but I have little doubt that there is a frank, freedom-loving and exhibitionistic young woman behind that public persona.

At the same time, that ethereal, vulnerable artistic aura shows the chameleon qualities of the Gemini-Sagittarius combination, and its complete lack of boundaries. Instead of a "core" character, these people can be anyone or anything at any particular time. They are constantly changing and seeking new experiences out in the world, while never departing from that lifelong search to find out who they are inside. These people fluctuate between purity and decadence, and their moods can quickly change from cheerful optimism to melancholia.

The Gemini-Sagittarius individual will at times seem like an old soul, wise beyond their age and experience, and then at another time act like an immature child. The vague dissatisfaction and longing for something far away seems to me a big part of Lana's artistic expression, and a great part of her mystery. She has spoken publicly about her alcohol dependency at the wee age of fourteen - quite startling in its prematurity, but a not-so-unrealistic danger for the young and wild people of this combination.

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