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Celebrity horoscope for today: Tom Selleck. Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo.

Tom Selleck
With their charismatic presence and photogenic looks, Aquarius-Leo personalities were made for the big screen. Tom Selleck is an excellent example of the Aquarius Sun / Leo Moon combination, the effortlessly radiant moustache-man of the eighties and nineties, whose sheer good-guy appearance and mild, yet authoritative presence made him an instantly recognizable leading or supporting man.

While Tom Selleck is no doubt a talented actor, what makes him interesting is that there really isn't anything "special" or unusual about the way he portrays his characters. Compare him to Jack Nicholson's dramatic persona: idiosyncratic, erratic, forever stuck in the (very alluring) uniqueness that pervades all his movie roles. While Tom Selleck may also have a distinct "aura", his normalness enables him to play any kind of "guy next door" without a problem, and every fibre in his body speaks of that effortless, good-guy screen presence. Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo have the attractive ability to merge personal warmth with detachment and aloofness - something I believe to be a true mark of popularity and success in any field that involves public exposure.

The noble nature produced by this configuration may suffer from a certain gullibility and the desire to remain faithful to all promises. A humanitarian mindset is an awesome thing, but the reluctance to chance a positive opinion about someone may backfire. On the other hand, the Aquarius-Leo combination can also tend to a certain snobbishness and dandyism (something that doesn't seem completely unfair to accuse Selleck of), and one is constantly aware of the projection of the self. Self-image is very important. As both Aquarius and Leo tend to give an attraction to sports, it comes as no surprise that Selleck not only is an avid sports fan, but also has been a practitioner at quite a high level.

The laid-back image of Selleck is very telling of the zodiac signs Aquarius and Leo in his horoscope, both being fixed signs with a natural confidence in most matters. Yet, self-doubt will surface at many points in his life. This idealistic Sun-Moon combination will be prone to get involved in political movements and ideas. They will stand up for what they believe even though it may attract resistance from the community, and in spite of their gregarious and generous nature. Tom Selleck has been a member and supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has been challenged by fellow actors and tv-personalities. Politically, he describes himself as an "independent with a lot of libertarian leanings".

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