The decans in astrology

Gemini decans

The first, Mercury decan of Gemini First decan Geminis are observers and curious seekers, always ready to be distracted by a marvelous scenery, an interesting thought or entertaining conversation. Typically intelligent in a rapid, logical and detached way, they are still sometimes at loss in applying their fine minds to deeper thought or powerful, systematic reasoning. These people can easily become the life of the party, and they share a great love of light social situations where the people are many and the demands are low. Many feel depressed about getting older, sort of a Peter Pan syndrome, and indeed do have an eternal youthfulness over them. The are perceptive and shrewd, but often emotionally shallow.

The second, Libra/Venus decan of Gemini The second, Libra decan of Gemini with rays from Venus is a curious seeker of beauty and comradeship. They are truly peopleís people, and will sacrifice much for an hour of great conversation. Since they are more likely to become entranced or find value in unexpected things, and tend to be at least mentally empathetic, they can usually keep themselves at bay and arenít as restless as the first decan Geminis. However, they can be very fussy and easily disrupted, having a highly sensitized and overly active consciousness. They have one the finest logical minds of the zodiac, but can also shift uncomprehendingly between clear headed analysis and a wealth of irrational notions. Charming but sometimes shallow.

The third, Aquarius/Uranus/Saturn decan of Gemini The third decan of Gemini is the most detached and unemotional, yet most humanitarian of the Gemini decans. These people are great with concepts and ideas, and relates to every kind of person easily with their sociable and friendly attitude. Yet quickness of judgement and a temporary fixation upon one thing or another hinders the otherwise admirable Gemini inclination for assimilation and impartiality. They soak up knowledge of every kind and seek a combination of breadth of learning and some personal vision that sets them apart from mere copycats. Romantically they need change and space, and arenít great in an emotionally demanding atmosphere.

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