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The social planets

The two planets commonly known as the social planets are Jupiter and Saturn. Their significance in the horoscope covers areas less personal and subjective than those of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The energies of Jupiter and Saturn are in some respects developments of the inner planets. Society is only the image of the individual in connection with a larger common order, and so Jupiter and Saturn place the individual in a collective and in some way "artificial" framework. Perhaps we get the clearest sense of Jupiter and Saturn if we imagine that they relate to affairs common to all human beings once established in a context of culture. But it is not the case that the social planets only represent energies completely external to the individual; they are merely a reorganization of the personal self, revealing a different, more or less coherent structure of experience.


Zeus, King JupiterJupiter symbol

The principle of expansion. Growth. Social and cultural yearnings and potentials. Integration, established ideals and the idealization of establishment. Networking and social intercourse in a less intimate fashion (compared to Venus). Higher learning and academia, the desire to connect with a level of existence beyond subjective and personal concerns. Reaching out in order to include into oneself what is outside, and make this an authentic part of the self. Morality and ethics. Unlimited curiosity. Knowledge and intellectual outreaching, absorbing information. Pleasure in culture, joviality, luck, enthusiasm, the ideal, generosity - and greed. The ability of a unified understanding, insight into the whole of a matter, grandeur, benevolence, the significance of context and pattern. Philosophy, belief-systems and religion, particularly its cultural and intellectual dimensions. Over-indulgence, carelessness, laziness, exaggeration, lack of discrimination.

Jupiter in aspect to other planets sometimes creates an over-emphasis on certain experiences. However, it typically indicates luck, and the ability to integrate the given energy into a wider sphere of significance.


Saturn or Kronos Devouring One Of His Children Saturn symbol

The principle of restriction. Time, rationality and the span of life. Inhibition, boundaries, distance, coldness, regulations. Karma, heritage, the experience of fate, predestination and inevitability. Law, judgement, establishment, structure, clarity, refinement, traditional science, discrimination, trial and error, burdens, self-control, reduction, organization, ceremony, endless discipline; Sisyphus and his rock. Authority, worldly status, hierarchy. Meaning and awareness: Awareness of one's own particular form of essence together with the realization of a collective existence just as real. Meaning as a focused, matter of fact circumstance. Malefic and destructive forces within or outside of the personality. The outermost limits of visible, tangible reality. The limits of shared reality, "reality" as a concept fabricated by human consciousness or out of social necessity. Strength of purpose, the leaving of personal concerns for the sake of obligation and/or practical progress.

Saturn in aspect to other planets lends a heavy, limiting quality to the exchange. While it can be very productive and strengthening, such aspects often points to inhibitions in expression and feelings of emotional inadequacy; a certain hardness of quality.
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