The decans in astrology

Leo decans

The first, Sun decan of Leo Big Leo sun number one, at least that’s how many of these first decan Leos see themselves. Yes, there are tons of Leos with humility and detachment, but we are concerned with the majority. These folks are naturally self-reliant and have a sort of warm, satisfied presence. On the other hand, they have sensitive hearts and egos, and are completely dependent on the approval of others. They win others over easily, but need to keep doing it for the sake of their own confidence. They like organization and being at the gravitational center of events. Very creative in a theatrical way. They bring light to the world yet annoy people with their pomposity and self-righteousness. A good number of Leos are what might be termed “high maintenance”.

The second, Sagittarius/Jupiter decan of Leo These second decan Leos can be quite traditional and conservative, at least when it comes to values and beliefs. They tend to respect religion and academia and have great spiritual yearning for discovery and knowledge. Here is a sense of having the Midas touch, for Jupiter brings luck and zeal to the prominence of the Leo sun. These people can be gamblers in the real sense of the word – risk takers at every moment in life. The have boundless optimism yet also headstrong stubbornness, naivety and sometimes a rather blunt and unpolished social style. They would make great advertisers or cultural organizers, or generally inspiring people. They usually have a nice vein of creativity running in their own body.

The third, Aries/Mars decan of Leo The third, Aries decan of Leo with rays from Mars is one of the most ambitious and chivalrous of all decans. Sometimes these people will drive others crazy through their simple self-righteousness and stubborn refusal to admit a mistake. But they are typically heart-of-gold characters, intent on playing their cards face up and being frank and honest with world. There is real drive in these people, whether obvious or hidden within, and their sheer optimism can carry them through difficult times. Whatever field of work or interest they pursue, it is likely they’ll have the desire to rise to a managing or leading position. They are both good at improvisation and organization. A too easily aroused emotional nature may become a problem. Cool-headedness is not a strong trait of theirs.

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