Libra decans

The first, Venus decan of Libra The first, Venus decan of Libra produces the most peace-loving aestheticians in the whole zodiac. These people need to come into contact with the finer things in life, and they are highly aware of every imaginable sort of relation to their fellow men and women. That said - in spite of their strong You-orientation, they can and will at times become very unbalanced and quarrelsome. It is a great dilemma in the lives of first decan Libras how much to rely on other people (or take their needs into account), and on the other hand how much to go on their own and put their own self above others. This is not least shown in partnerships, which tend to dominate their lives. They are usually very logical and clever, and often artistically talented.

The second, Aquarius decan of Libra The second, Aquarius decan of Libra with rays from Uranus/Saturn might be termed the ”deep” Libras. They are immersed in the working of the human mind, and very fascinated by the themes of social interaction and humanitarian ideas. They are often drawn to higher learning in the most abstract sense. Romantically, they can be paradoxical - while they strive to find the perfect relationship where everything is shared, time tends to reveal that they need a whole lot more space and solitude than they imagined. These Libras are cooler and more detached, more frank and less concerned about hurting people’'s feelings than typical Libras.

The third, Gemini decan of Libra The decan of Libra with rays from Mercury is the most restless of Librans. The natural polarity and ambivalence of Libra, especially romantically, is heightened here. They may live their entire life in search of the elusive, perfect romance. Gemini decan Libras are great with people; intuitive and highly logical, this is one of the most versatile of all decans in the zodiac. They can charm the beard off a Rabbi. They live for communication, and more than others truly need one special intimate friend, relative, wife, husband or lover with whom to share any impulse, feeling or idea. When in the right mood, they can be among the most lighthearted and fun of all zodiac children, with a subtle sense of humour and a very acute, mobile intellect.

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