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Virgo and Aquarius match

The signs Virgo and Aquarius are sort of like strange cousins. From their typical description they do seem quite alike, yet at a more profound level they have almost no connections. However, the traditional ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, and the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, and these planets are definitely related. Mercury is much like a younger brother of Uranus, relating to everyday thinking, memory and rationality. Uranus controls thinking out-of-the-box, group dynamics, "brotherhood of man" ideologies and scientific domains.

In a romantic relationship, both Virgo and Aquarius may play the part of the reasonable, cerebral half. In reality, while Virgo longs for order, nice, quiet conversation and a normal day to day stability, Aquarius wants to go deeper, explore new possibilities and perhaps shake things up a bit. Aquarius is at heart a utopian and philosopher, while Virgo is a pragmatic and administrator. Their subtle relationship may indeed be satisfying sexually, as an element of surprise and enigma will persist. If their moon signs or other planets show a deeper affinity, love might be enduring.

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