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Virgo and Pisces match

Virgo and Pisces make a pretty tender couple. Appearance-wise, they seem similar enough, and their usually quiet charm and unassuming ways can make them hard to tell apart. Yet these signs are opposites in the zodiac, and therefore (in theory) completely different personalities. In reality all the above statements may be true. At core, these are very different people with highly varying emotional needs and values. Yet there is a similarity of form and style, and somehow in the reaction to events and things. They are probably quite attracted to each other because of the opposite features, and because both appreciate a thoughtful, responsive partner like a typical Pisces or Virgo.

Still, Virgo is often a nitpicking example of neatness and order, and Pisces a laissez-faire kind of person, sort of dreamy. Virgo is a realist, Pisces a fantasy-ist. Pisces is arty, Virgo is crafty. Even though Pisces certainly can be a perfectionist too, it is almost never in the same way and in relation to the same things as Virgo. This relationship may be sort of like toppling a line of dominoes - it's a beautiful effect, but things must fall in place one by one. They are indeed drawn to each other, and I did always tend to believe in this union.

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