The decans in astrology

Pisces decans

The first, Neptune/Jupiter decan of Pisces First decan Pisceans wander through life like soap bubbles Ė open to every sensation and experience, elusive and sensitive. They are mystically inclined and frequently psychic or at least highly intuitive. They care little for money, but love beautiful things and comfort, and so may need it anyway. That is if they donít become monks, forsaking every thing and resisting every passion and worldly craving. They arenít very self-assertive and their lack of ego can make people take advantage of them, especially since they are naturally very selfless and giving. They care deeply for the underdog. Highly creative, but vacillating and unreliable.

The second, Moon/Cancer decan of Pisces The second, Cancer decan of Pisces with rays from the Moon is the most prudent and economical of Pisces decans. These Pisceans need security both financially and spiritually and tend to worry too much about everything. They are also one of the sweetest and most loyal of all decans in the zodiac, sacrificing themselves for loved ones without so much as a thought to what they are doing. However, they can also become complaining or perhaps leeching individuals, hypochondriacs and generally over sensitive. Their imagination is fertile and they may have the greatest natural acting talents of all the zodiac, because of their ability of total identification and chameleon imitation.

The third, Scorpio decan of Pisces Third decan pisceans may have their heads full of bizarre ideas, but they somehow manage to rationalize and sublimate all of them. They are highly spiritual and poetic, and many are drawn to the occult. For less hardy exemplars it is sometimes too much to take. Often these fishes are paradoxical, and typically more vindictive and jealous than other Pisceans, who donít seem to have a drop of bad blood in their body. Third decan Pisceans are highly receptive and sensitive but perhaps less so than the other decans. Sensing that good and evil is an illusion and that earthly life is mere surface, they identify with the whole spectrum of attitudes and ethics. They have a tendency to mess with drugs and liquids.

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