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Sabian symbol for today: "A new continent rises out of the ocean", Taurus 19

Island rises

Today (9th of May) the Sun is passing through the eighteenth degree of Taurus, a position which corresponds to the Sabian degree symbol of Taurus 19. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sabian symbols in astrology, its history can be gathered from here. The Sabian symbol of the Sun is thought to have particular significance for people born on the day in question, as well as a general symbolical meaning relating to (roughly) one day of the seasonal year.

The rather dramatic image of "A new continent rising out of the ocean" seems like one of the most straightforward examples of the Sabian symbols. Right off the bat, it makes us think of a fresh start, or perhaps a powerful new insight that rises from within the subconscious and reveals itself in our mind. Oceans, and their mysterious depths, have long been associated with the inner reaches of the human mind. It is hard to avoid thinking of the legendary historical myth of Atlantis, the prosperous city that supposedly sank into the ocean. The ancients speculated on how the greed and arrogance of the humans had angered the gods, and the punishment was merciless.

A new continent is only new according to its special features, shapes and geography. It does not come out of nowhere, and has in potentiality always been there. Symbolically, one can regard the rising of a new continent as a recreation of a past state, with the opportunity to do it over again, and build on new solid foundations to spur a healthy new civilization.

For the individual with this Sun placement, it can mean the ability to leave past doubts, regrets and mistakes behind, and focus on the opportunity that is right now, and in the future. They have the power within to creatively renew themselves and their environment in a profound and lasting way. The raw material is there, ready to be utilized, needing only initiative and a practical conviction of what must be done, quite in accordance with the traditional meaning of Taurus. Like the sabian symbol neatly explains, the strength of Taurus in this instance is to rely on and learn from experience while building something new and lasting with all the patience and understanding it requires.

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