The decans in astrology

Sagittarius decans

The first, Jupiter decan of Sagittarius The first Jupiter decan of Sagittarius is typically the non-conformist who goes on to become a respected citizen with academic or social responsibility. These people are adventurous, positive and very direct. In fact rather tactless. They’re lovers of action but more than often have high intellectual, political or artistic ambitions. They are sweeping, broad learners and youthful, eternal students. Yet might also be the dogmatic teacher or preacher. As partners or lovers they are giving and adventurous, enthusiastic and romantic. Jupiter tends to bring these people luck and fortune in life, if they refrain from worrying and simply give in to the hands of fate. Also they have an inclination and often talent for for risk-taking, speculation and gambling.

The second, Aries/Mars decan of Sagittarius This second, Martian decan of Sagittarius completely needs challenge and discovery, and may the be the most naturally frank and lacking in artifice of all zodiac decans. Headstrong and brave, they quickly lose interest in whatever fails to inspire them. If these people aren’t sports-people, they probably have some other similar channel for the release of their great spiritual-physical energy. They are the perfect example of the soldier of the mind and spirit, if there is such a thing. Nevertheless they can be so blunt and lacking in social nuance that others grow tired. Some of them don’t have the patience enough to do anything but venture onto some new exciting project and tell everybody about it.

The third, Leo/Sun decan of Sagittarius Here in the Leo decan of Sagittarius we have the showman or woman, one who is always on the lookout for another adventure or spontaneous experience. Their integrity and pride is great, and still they seem to always stumble into the pitfalls of excessive risk-taking, rash decision and impulsive action. Quite a few gamblers have Sagittarian/Leo influences. They need to aim far and high, and will beyond any doubt experience many great letdowns in life, because of the sheer magnitude of their ambitions and dreams. Still their optimism never fades completely, and people are drawn to their sunny personalities. They may be intellectually conceited and vain.

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