The decans in astrology

Scorpio decans

The first, Pluto/Mars decan of Scorpio The first, pure Scorpio decan of Scorpio influenced is the intensity decan above all. Dramatic feelings of either approval or rejection strike the hearts of these people at the very moment they encounter something new, and they seldom let reason change their mind. For these people, all experiences will in some way relate to the highs and lows of life; pain, joy, death, sex, love and general mesmerization. They can be cool, collected and seemingly unaffected on the outside, yet beneath is a steaming locomotive of feeling, purpose and desire. Also when they're more cognitively driven than most Scorpios, and irrespective of how introvert or quiet they seem, there will be an unusually passionate intensity to the responses.

The second, Pisces decan of Scorpio The second Pisces decan of Scorpio gives subtle minds and a plethora of all feelings imaginable. These people seek what is real and authentic, and will sacrifice worldly comforts and prestige for what they believe in. Cunning and mysterious, they will not hesitate to manipulate people if necessary. They’re very romantic and seductive, and thrive in an atmosphere of hidden meanings and elusive hints. Sometimes they repel people through their alternating self-righteousness and great personal sensitivity. They can be shy and retiring, but tend to get what they want in every case. Giving and attentive lovers.

The third, Cancer/Moon decan of Scorpio Here in the third and last lunar decan of Scorpio the influence will produce people of great emotional integrity, trusting every feeling they have and seldom willing to compromise, at least against any cold dead reason. They have great drive and will power if they believe in a cause, and can overcome potential feelings of inferiority. At heart they want dramatic emotional transformation, and a partner to connect with intimately and deeply. One to whom they can say, as Joni Mitchell does, ”I wanna renew you again and again”. Very protective and caring. They are extremely crafty and cunning, with a knack for getting to the heart of any matter.

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