The decans in astrology

Taurus decans

The first, Venus decan of Taurus The first decan of Taurus, influenced by Venus produces a very determined, sensual and stable person. This person is a peacemaker and lover, yet is very unlikely to be flexible to the values and ideas if others. They excel in any area they can truly make their own, but have trouble adjusting and will not easily find rapid new ways of learning. Sexuality and indulgence of the senses is at the core of these peopleís life and awareness, and still they are not likely to be imprudent or unfaithful, and typically have high moral standards. Many are aestheticians, yet because of their realism and materialism seldom speculative in an otherworldly sense. And in the same token they can be nature-mystics or even occult, in spite of being complete pragmatists and no-nonsense characters.

The second, Virgo/Mercury decan of Taurus The Virgo influenced second decan Taurus people often have a great sense of tact, and an incredibly fine tuned sensory apparatus. Careful in speech and musical in voice, they can be a quiet charmers, seemingly shy but unlikely to pass up what they set their minds to. There is grace, and more flexibility than Taureans in general. However, they can also bore people with a sometimes overly realistic and pragmatic world view. The streak of cynicism is never quite far away for their part, and they donít keep much restraint in pointing out the faults of people around them. Many are culinary aristocrats. There is little in the professional life or day-to-day living that they cannot handle, given enough time and the right means.

The third, Capricorn/Saturn decan of Taurus Saturnís third decan Taureans are the great builders of their time. They can be stern and sometimes outright boring, but are completely loyal and steady as rocks. Once you get past their somewhat austere exterior, they turn out to be humourous and sensual with a love of the good things in life. These Taurus are some of the most disciplined in all of the zodiac, and typically carry out every task and objective with great prudence, care and patience. Highly methodical. At the same time, they may be lacking some in imagination, and are held back by their sombre temperament and skeptical attitude. In business and any real-world matter, they can achieve most anything they set their minds to.

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