Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

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The outer planets

The mysteriously fluorescent outermost planets of our solar system - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - together represent a border between traditional and modern astrology. Just as their status and importance in astrology is a little unclear, the energy of these planets allow unexplored and mysterious areas to enter into our minds. Classical astrology did not know of the three outer planets, and could hence not incorporate them into their astrological thinking. Modern astrologers adhering to the old school, who believe traditional astrology to be more correct and insightful than its modern counterpart, may try to downplay the importance of the outer planets. Nevertheless, most astrologers find great yet subtle energies coming from the outer planets to the bed of our narrow psyches and minds. Their purpose is to expand, bewilder, transform and transfix our beings and minds. What they have in common is the capacity for changing and expanding consciousness in different ways. This is most apparent when the outer planets form close aspects with luminaries or personal planets and make up aspect configurations. Typical characterizations of the outer planets follow lines as shown below.


Uranus symbol

The desire for freedom, independence, and originality. Extraordinary or unique qualities. Crossing the line. Sudden events, surprises. Personal fearlessness and potential for creative originality. One’s attitude to ideals and New age thinking. The unexpected. Potential for change, revolution and reform. Annihilation and rebuilding. Breaking new ground. Disorder and disruption. Inventive spheres of the psyche. Erratic behaviour, callousness, coldness, non-emotionality. Far reaching ideas, progressive, intuitive science. Humanitarian perspectives, technology, the space-age, speed, occultism.


Neptune symbol

Imagination and fantasy. Mysterious and spiritual energies. Higher truth. The flow of inspiration, images, symbols and creation. The most subtle, sensitive and/or vague aspects of the psyche. The potential for empathy, sacrifice, martyr/saviour complexes. Death of Ego. The Collective unconscious, unconscious impressions/intuitions. Transcending time, space, rationality logic. Dreaming and sleeping, daydreaming, sleep-walking. Glamorization, illusion and disillusion. Magic, poetry, music, ESP, séances, the supernatural, mind reading, oceans, wine, drugs. Vague, insincere, vacillating, evaporating states. Psychological danger and insanity. Poison and confusion, lack of confidence and stability. Passive resistance.


Pluto symbol

Intense, deeply seated emotions and states of being. Energies of obsession and dedication. The Id and the unconscious will. Death, resurrection and rebirth. Sexuality in its primitive yet profound forms. Primal, animal forces. Orgasm and sexual climax. Suggestion, hypnosis, magnetism, psychotherapy. Personal transformation and inner growth. Evolutionary power. Unending stamina and overcoming obstacles. Energy reserves in the soul and psyche. Deep analysis, Power, manipulation and abuse. Traumas, emotional and psychic scars, suffering. Panic and paralysis, paranoia. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods.

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