The decans in astrology

Virgo decans

The first, Mercury decan of Virgo The first, Mercury decan of Virgo is the best example of the extremely varied Virgo type, that seems to lack any clear uniting principle. First decan Virgos tend to be unassuming, yet some are constantly talking and bragging. They tend to be fussy and orderly, yet many turns this idea around by their bohemian exterior and messy homes. What might be said about all Virgos of this decan is that they are usually specialists and obsessed categorizers in some measure, finding a niche within life and sticking to it. This is often for practical reasons such as simple self-improvement for a better day-to-day life. They are seldom much concerned about prestige and worldly recognition.

The second, Capricorn/Saturn decan of Virgo Second decan Virgos are usually quite materialistic, without any great desire for luxury. Security is at the forge, and they have great organizational and general money-making ability. And they donít spend money recklessly. They are responsible, tactful and great administrators of the affairs of men, but can become quite one-sided and lacking in perspective. While Saturn betters the ability to see the big picture and strengthens the sense of ambition, it also lessens the flexibility and adaptability. These individuals are usually unforgiving towards people (read lovers) who let them down, while they keep a very practical, unemotional stance even in facing emotionally devastating situations.

The third, Venus/Taurus decan of Virgo Many third decan Virgos have a downplayed but considerable artistic sensitivity. Especially when it comes to materials; shape, colour and form. Perhaps they are amateur painters. Or professionals. Or skilled musicians, steadily building a technical mastery of their instrument. They are slow burners and learners. Steady, quiet and reserved, and usually donít talk unless they feel it is important. They are great dressers and have a generally fine sense of style. They feel safest at home, where there is always some practical issue to confront. They can become stubborn and fussy, petty and very narrow-minded, yet have a sweetness over them that can be regained and maintained.

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