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Intensity and density. These are the keywords of Scorpio or Plutonian radiance. There is one thing one must remember when probing a person for Scorpio energy - look again. It's like gazing into a placid lake - first you see only stillness and surface, and then slowly things unfold, one after another. You are compelled to look closer but you cannot quite get a grip on what you really see. After a while you may get the feeling you're gazing within yourself too. The key is almost always the Scorpio eyes. The depth is always there, irrespective if the eyes are small and deeply set or large and pouting with emotion. Some would associate the look with fear and danger, and these are always important concepts in the Scorpio psyche. Somtimes they radiate fear and danger, sometimes they give a dangerous or fearsome impression. Scorpio energy likewise create the illusion of darkness and shadiness, even if the person is as pale and blonde as a beam of light. Here too, it is the eyes that do the trick. Imagine a cosmic black hole - intensely dense and heavy, it devours and magnetizes what is close enough without releasing or giving away anything itself. With the sheer force of gravity. You can't sight what is invisible, but you know it's there, you feel it.

Scorpio is long associated with sexuality, but the notion of "sexy" is way too indefinite to be reduced to some recognizable appeal. Nevertheless, there is an obsessional, mysterious quality about a strongly Scorpionic appearance that hints of forbidden and desirable things. Perhaps the Scorpio "air" proves the idea that sexiness is mostly unrelated to the traditional image of beauty and desirability, owing more to that indescribable "extra" something in a person.

In the world of glamour, strong Plutonian energy is seen in Jodie Foster (stellium of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio) whose quietly intense disposition, abyss eyes and mysterious combo of cold detachment and passion tells the story. Fear and danger lurks around classic actor Charles Bronson, (Sun i Scorpio involved in a grand trine with angular Pluto in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces). Bronson's hypnotic, introvert charisma and rugged, odd sex-appeal is typical Pluto and water element focus. Other instances of Scorpio are Joaquin Phoenix, (all personal planets of desire - Sun, Venus and Mars - in Scorpio). His smoky exterior and watery eyes produce the paradox of great sensitivity together with a strain of demonism and subconcious strength, all Scorpio. Winona Ryder is also a perfect example of Plutonian emotional intensity and charm (Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, Pluto angular and elevated through its conjunction to the Midheaven).

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